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National Standard Finance, LLC is a leading U.S. based multinational institutional alternative investment company and asset manager. We are capitalized by a consortium of large North American financial institutions and some of the world's leading global investment banks with combined financial assets exceeding U.S. $2 Trillion which provide us with the backing to tackle the most complex and challenging financial transactions.


National Standard's Principal Jan Petrenko, is featured speaker at California Public-Private Partnership conference and training event.

National Standard executives speak at the American Society of Civil Engineers conference with industry leadership and CEO's on the North America infrastructure market.

InfraLinx Capital and National Standard partner up on strategic European asset acquisitions via sale-leaseback.

National Standard maintains offices and staff across the global markets we serve. We serve the global sovereign, sub-sovereign and infrastructure financial markets as the leading go-to private financial institution for cross border financial transactions.

National Standard is a leading progressive institution in Foreign Direct Investment and Private Structured Debt solutions across the developed, emerging and frontier markets including Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Middle East and Latin America.

National Standard develops and finances infrastructure and real estate assets by bridging the gap between the public authorities' financing requirements and their need to deliver long-term infrastructure assets and services, with the expertise and efficiencies provided by private sector developers and private capital.