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Luca Bernardinetti
Managing Director

Luca Bernardinetti worked in Financial Advisory and Private Wealth Management at the Deutsche Bank Group and also as Professor at the European School of Economics, campus of Rome, Italy, lecturing in International Business Management and Investments and Portfolio Management. He also collaborates with Ernst & Young in Moscow, Russia, where he conducts Level III CFA lectures.

Luca attained his Master's Degree in Business Administration at the Sapienza University of Rome, specializing in Financial Mathematics and Statistics. He followed an Executive MBA at the Robert Kennedy College in Zurich, Switzerland, associated with the University of Wales, England and got the Chartered Financial Advisor certification in Rome, Italy.

Prior to his career at Deutsche Bank he was Partner and co-owner at GE.DA.CO.sas, where he directed the accountancy, auditing and bookkeeping firm, honing skills in financial assessment and financial statement closing process. Luca gained extensive expertise in the banking industry, both in commercial banking, supervising import and export financing operations, documentary credits, first demand international guarantees, forex trading and treasury management, and in investment banking, working in private wealth management and financial advisory.

Areas of Focus & Expertise: