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Russell Duke
Managing Principal, Founding Member
Chairman, Infrastructure & Sovereigns

Russell Duke is a leading authority in the areas of international Infrastructure financing, Private Capital solutions for Sovereigns and Foreign Direct Investment. Russell is widely recognized as an industry leader in promoting and teaching the use of private sector capital to achieve public policy objectives related to economic development and infrastructure development by the public sector internationally across developed and emerging markets. Mr. Duke is a highly skilled and creative deal maker that engineers creative capital strategies and structures to complete complex transactions.

Mr. Duke is Managing Principal and a founding member of National Standard. Russell has substantial hands on experience in leading the financing and development of international infrastructure projects across a range of sectors from healthcare to energy. He is presently orchestrating the development and capital for over $2.4 Billion of projects worldwide as part of the firms portfolio.

Mr. Duke is currently working in or has worked in the following geographical areas: Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, South Africa, Ghana, Angola, Nigeria, Uganda, Mozambique, Congo, Botswana, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Ukraine, Cyprus, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, South Korea, Russia, Senegal, Sao Tome, Madagascar, Myanmar, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, St. Maarten, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Bermuda, Costa Rica.

Over his career he has devised plans for and advised dozens of sovereign governments, public agencies and private sector corporations including, but not limited to the United Nations and Members of the United States Senate regarding infrastructure policy and strategy. His work can be found in published articles on global economics, infrastructure investment and economic public policy related to infrastructure and economic development. In addition to writing for many magazines and scholarly journals on infrastructure, Mr. Duke is a frequent guest speaker at conferences on the subjects of Public Private Partnerships, infrastructure and international business and economics.

Areas of Focus & Expertise: