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Mathew Garver

Mr. Garver advises clients in matters of private capital, asset privatization and infrastructure finance in North America and Europe. Mr. Garver works with private sector project sponsors, developers and financiers of global infrastructure assets. His extensive international privatization and infrastructure finance experience stems, in part, from his considerable work in the U.S., UK and EU member states.

Mr. Garver's market segment focus is public private partnerships in security infrastructure, transportation systems such as marine ports, social infrastructure criminal justice, energy production, transmission, underfunded pension liabilities and environmental services. Matt most recently was co-owner and Chairman of one of the largest and most respected integrated O&M, facility management, engineering, planning and development companies focused on the criminal justice sector completing more than US $5 Billion of criminal justice projects, prior to the company being sold in 2013.

Mathew most recently served as a Senior Advisor to one of the world's largest law firms based in Washington D.C. where he advised the firm's public and private sector clients on infrastructure development and finance, public policy matters and private capital for public authorities. Before joining National Standard in his respective role, Mr. Garver served as the Secretary to the Global Infrastructure Steering Committee at the world's largest global law firm DLA Piper, where he specialized in private equity finance for public private infrastructure projects in North America and Europe.

Formerly, he was a principal with a leading private equity banking firm, where he specialized in growth equity, LBO, MBO and recapitalization transactions for larger middle-market companies. He also served as the director of corporate development and managed investor relations for one of the most sizeable lottery systems providers listed on the NYSE. Mr. Garver is also the Chairman of Liberty Street Capital, a private equity partner to National Standard. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, Sad Business School at Oxford University and Fellow at Harvard University. He is an author of numerous articles and publications on alternative assets, privatization, concession and infrastructure finance.

Areas of Focus & Expertise: