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  Medical Tourism



National Standard is working closely with governments, private developers and operators to fund leading edge healthcare facilities serving local patients and medical travelers in the growing medical tourism sector.

Provision of health care is often at the intersection of government, academia, and private medical practice. The collaboration of local, state and national government entities with health care providers is increasingly the preferred formula for serving public health care needs. For example, teaching hospitals are typically highly prized entities for both the university and its constituent stakeholders.

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing, new healthcare sector being evaluated and implemented by many nations. Medical tourism is characterized by patients traveling outside of their home country to get care, typically driven by one or more of the following considerations: timely access, cost, and quality. A major trend in medical tourism is the location of facilities catering to this market being developed in highly desirable destinations for both the patients and the professionals proving care.

Medical Tourism has rapidly evolved over the last decade from a cost driven exercise resident most prominently in India and Asia to organizations driven by high quality physicians, the latest technology and globally competitive fee schedules targeting a world-wide community of patients with the ability to pay.

Critical to the future of Medical Tourism is an international emerging middle-class. From Asia to North Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, more discretionary income than ever before is being concentrated in this group, which is estimated to exceed a billion persons by 2025. With new found affluence comes a desire for better health and better healthcare.

National Standard has worked extensively with governments around the globe, doctors, universities and developers to provide cost effective and workable solutions to the capital and development behind this expanding market.

One of National Standard's key developmental relationships is with American World Clinics (AWC). Founded in 2011, and headquartered in Arizona, AWC's core corporate mission is to develop and operate surgical specialty hospitals and clinics around the world. For these facilities, AWC essentially exports U.S. style high quality surgical and medical care, primarily targeting medical tourists and those residents of emerging markets seeking high quality private health care. AWC deploys the best in medical technology, facilities, and professionals with the majority of our physicians and surgeons being both board certified and trained in the United States. AWC believes this model allows them to fulfill their mission without depleting physician and infrastructure resources from local residents. Simultaneously, AWC is inclusive and endeavors to work with well-qualified host nation physicians and ancillary staff. Currently, AWC is actively engaged in development of medical facilities in Barbados, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic, and has developing discussions with numerous other locations in Africa, Europe/Mediterranean and Asia.

Additionally, AWC provides consulting services to governments, developers and other entities seeking to develop healthcare infrastructure and/or a medical tourism market in their location.

Further, as AWC leadership conducts ongoing meetings with various governments, developers, policy leaders and clients, growing global demand for the best and most efficient healthcare options is evident. AWC Consulting Services assists these entities with defining opportunities and challenges at hand, which forms the basis for creating a tangible, actionable plan. They will determine appropriate scopes of services and necessary infrastructure for implementation, and develop relationships with providers, vendors and other stakeholders to provide a rational solution. The consulting services may be deployed as part of an overall healthcare strategy that integrates AWC facilities into the mix or may be engaged independently depending on the goals and objectives of the client.