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Mission Statement

Investment Profile


National Standard is a leading independent, globally-integrated asset based long term investor. We develop, finance, acquire and own essential social and economic infrastructure assets and real estate.

Mission Statement & Organizational Role

National Standard's objective is to become a "private market alternative" to the World Bank, IMF, European Investment Bank and the proposed (but never established) US National Infrastructure Bank, by combining the best practices of the multilaterals, but with three distinct differences.

First, National Standard is a commercial, for-profit institution, with an objective to protect its capital and to provide a secure risk-adjusted return.

Second, National Standard is focused on the developed world, not on emerging economies, as are the World Bank and most other multilateral investment agencies. However, on a case by case basis, we will engineer and undertake transactions in undeveloped or emerging markets if the developed world's government agencies, export credit agencies or multilateral institutions support the credit and mitigate political risk.

Third, National Standard is not only capable of financing, but also of orchestrating the development and construction aspects of projects, effectively creating turn-key project and financial solutions. Because our model provides for our own ownership of these assets during the life of the financing, we can produce safer investments for our institutional and government-sponsored partners with larger capital needs in a transparent political environment.

Markets Served

National Standard is establishing itself as a multilateral investment institution to sovereigns and large government bodies across the Americas, European Union, Asia & Middle East and South Africa, which we call "Qualified Investment Countries" or QIC. National Standard does not invest in areas that have not demonstrated financial prudence and political stability.

Investment Focus

National Standard will both act as an equity investor, lessor and owner of infrastructure assets as well as a provider of long term debt capital to government agencies for qualified transactions. All transactions shall be directly tied to and collateralized by an essential infrastructure or other physical asset, meaning that funds are not used for bail outs, budgetary purposes or "working capital." Additionally, National Standard will provide advisory services to its QIC's in the areas of infrastructure, finance, economic development and public policy.

Void & New Market Forming

Presently, there is no global infrastructure institution at the sovereign government level. Historically, more than 80% of infrastructure spending has been directly financed or paid for by the host government. In many cases these governments no longer have the resources to follow the traditional route, while at the same time their infrastructure spending needs are overwhelming.