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Gosakan Narayanan
Managing Director & Director of Investments for India
National Standard Finance India - AMIIC

Mr. Narayanan is Managing Director and Director of Investments for India at National Standard Finance, LLC. Mr. Narayan is also a Partner in Singapore based Asia Multilateral Infrastructure Investment Corporation (AMIIC), an infrastructure hybrid investment fund that acquires assets and invest in greenfield infrastructure and real estate assets focused on the India and Asia markets. Gosakan Narayanan is the founder of EISG Holdings, an India based project development and investment strategist and structuring firm across India and Asia Pacific.

Gosakan Narayanan is also the Managing Director of Emmar, and has been instrumental in providing innovative capital asset solutions to the Indian Railways, General Heavy Infrastructure and Industrial Corporations in India.

With an MBA in Management after receiving his education in the United Kingdom and over 10 years of focused experience in Capital Assets, Gosakan has been a key factor in creating the boutique firm and business model to establish large infrastructure investment drives in India and Asia Pacific.

Instrumental in bringing in world leading collaborations, Gosakan's core area lies in creation of Platform Drives, Strategic Alliances, Leveraged Acquisitions and Sovereign Investment Solutions.

Gosakan Narayanan began his career with Emmar as a Marketing Head and through the Flagship Company's networks and associations has created the forward drive for high profile investments, re-investments, capital formations, re-capitalizations.

Core Areas: