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Paul Anderson
Managing Director

Paul Anderson is a Managing Director of National Standard Finance, LLC and is focused on international origination and management of the firm's corporate, government and financial relationships outside the United States. Mr. Anderson brings over 30 years of real estate development and investment banking experience to National Standard. Prior to joining National Standard, Mr. Anderson was President of Anderson Resource Partners, a boutique real estate investment banking firm with offices in Denver and Los Angeles. Founded in 1984, the firm represented buyers, sellers, lenders and equity providers in the structured finance of major commercial transactions nationally and abroad.

His understanding of developmental procedures, capital markets and alternative financing structures assisted his clients in transactions exceeding $1 Billion. Within National Standard, Mr. Anderson is actively engaged in international efforts wherein national governments and private entities join forces to establish Foreign Direct Investment Capital for the development of major infrastructure projects. These efforts include extensive public policy, strategy and the development of local strategic partners in the European Union community, Latin America and GCC regions including key collaboration with leading companies in these regions.

Mr. Anderson works extensively in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE as well as Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Peru.

Areas of Focus & Expertise: