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National Standard has projects and relationships in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Middle East and other regions around the world.

Our sector focus in credit-worthy essential infrastructure assets, including but not limited to transportation, energy, social, healthcare and other mission critical assets sponsored by sovereign partners and executed by world-class private sector partners.

The firm believes the "market opportunity" for infrastructure is to provide infrastructure capital into select international markets, massively underserved by de-leveraging international banks, formerly the backbone within these segments.

We are currently partnered with a group of leading governments, corporations and progressive capital sources to provide a proprietary pipeline of high quality projects.

Role: Global infrastructure investor and owner

Asset Profile: Critical infrastructure projects such as airports, marine ports, industrial, social facilities, ships, aircraft, healthcare, government real estate and many other project types

Creditworthy: Investment grade credit rating supported with sovereign, sub-sovereign and/or multilateral or corporate credit support

Proprietary Deal Flow: Proprietary deal flow through participating governments and corporate partners in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and MENA

Risk Management: Minimal project risk based upon equity aligned world-class development and operating partners

Protections: Hedged inflation risk; currency, political and associated risks

Sectors: Energy, industrial, healthcare, defense, real estate, education, communications, transportation, education, economic development